Sunday, January 25, 2009


I know we are all involved in various projects and work but just wanted to see how everyone was doing and if we all started? I decorated the inside back cover and I have an idea for my first two pages. Once we all finish we can mail out.


  1. Wonderful colours and lines)
    Yours sketchbook the square?
    It is not moly?))))

  2. No For this group we decided to deviate from the moly. I appologize for not letting your know... me and emonxie decided on it while looking for members if you want to stick with the moly that is fine but you can always use a normal sketch book.

  3. i am definitely diggin' the color combination.

    you guys are quick! how often are you all mailing?

  4. sweet! I've only pencilled a bit, taking it with me to Stockholm next week, lots of airplane travel time to draw the crazy! Yay!